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About Us

Welcome to C&E Adaptive Learning Solutions (C&E ALS) - Partners Journey Portal. True to our commitment to providing premier services and solutions to our education partners, the C&E ALS Product Marketing & Customer Success Team is pleased to introduce the C&E ALS Partners Journey Portal.

    1.Who is C&E Adaptive Learning Solutions (C&E ALS)?


C&E Adaptive Learning Solutions (C&E ALS) [pronounced as /seals/] is a strong corporate brand that provides a wide portfolio of integrated educational solutions.


As a learning solutions company, we take pride in being the only comprehensive learning and research solutions provider in the Philippines that caters to all levels of learning, across all disciplines, and for all learning needs—whether for print, digital/e-learning, hardware, or even the design of learning spaces.


Being a market leader, we symbolize our commitment and brand as a beacon of modern knowledge. We at C&E ALS remain steadfast in our commitment to be the guide in navigating the world through adaptive learning. It is our aim to become the very light that guides learners and educators through educational innovation.

    2. What prompted C&E to create a C&E ALS master brand?


For our company, adaptability equates to growth. And as our company grew from a small publishing firm in 1993, we have now expanded with a range of product brands—all relevant to different market segments, yet all with the same passion for excellence.


Committed to equipping Filipinos with quality educational products, we relentlessly adapt to our market’s ever-changing needs as well as the rapid developments in the education landscape so that we can continuously provide relevant learning tools today and in the future.


As we move through the 21st century, we renew this commitment by revitalizing our brand through a purposeful corporate rebranding.


    3. Is C&E Publishing, Inc. the same as C&E ALS?


C&E Publishing, Inc. (CEPI) is different from C&E ALS. C&E Publishing, Inc. is now considered as the publishing and book distribution arm of the C&E ALS master brand.​


While C&E Publishing Inc. bears prestige and exceptional history in the publishing industry, the changing needs of the market prompt us to widen our product offering. Growing from being known as a provider of books and other traditional educational tools, we have taken a rather significant shift in strengthening the synergy among our product lines and have now ventured into integrated education solutions that cater to all learning needs—thus the creation of the C&E ALS master brand.​

Still, C&E Publishing, Inc. remains to be a strong brand at the forefront of the Philippine publishing and book distribution industry.​


C&E ALS recognizes the need to be responsive to today’s changing education landscape and realities. This translates to C&E ALS products and services that deliver an adaptive solution, providing institutions with a smart, relevant, and complete advantage towards meeting the skills and demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 


C&E ALS is a one-stop-shop, end-to-end resource provider for all learning and teaching needs—from print, digital, and hardware to learning spaces.


Recognizing the diverse needs of varying teaching and learning styles, we deliver a full suite of learning solutions, including academic tools, course content, study materials, learning hardware, and school management platforms, that are also used for learning, teaching, school administration, research, and continuing education.


C&E ALS has curated a holistic and robust portfolio of learning solutions that are economically viable and appropriately manageable for institutions, teachers, and students. All these solutions can be seamlessly integrated to drive learner engagement, encourage motivation, and inspire positive learning behaviors.

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